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Dear customers and fans of Käthe Wohlfahrt,

We have teamed up again with the sister duo HeyFoodsister to make summer a little tastier for you! Annalena and Johanna have been inspired this time by our childhood heroes of Poetry in Glass® and have prepared and staged a total of four great creations for you.

Try your hand at the recipes and if you like, you can share your unique moment with these wonderful delicacies with us on Facebook and Instagram using #mykäthe. ❤️ 😋

Bavarian Dips

You will find the ingredients in the accompanying PDF

Cut the camembert into very fine cubes. Halve the onion, also finely chop half of it. Cut the other half into thin rings. Mash the camembert, butter, cream, paprika powder and caraway in a small bowl with a fork. Once everything is weil mixed, add the onion. Seasonwithsalt and pepper. Toserve,arrangewithsomeparsley, the onion rings and a little paprika powder.

Radish quark
Clean radishes and radish and grate them finely with a kitchen grater. Cut the spring onion into rings, chop the parsley. Mix everything with the quark, vinegar and sugar. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Lemon thyme butter
Pluck the thyme leaves from the twigs. Mix them with butter, sea salt and lernen zest.

Here you can download (PDF) and print the recipe