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Käthe Wohlfahrt -The specialist for Christmas decoration

In spring and summer, nature shines and glitters from within itself. But from the quieter autumn onwards, there has always been a longing for light, glamour and homely scents. This desire has been fulfilled by the enchanting Christmas decorations of the Käthe Wohlfahrt brand for decades. Outside the Advent season, tourists even from Japan and the USA are drawn to the romantic little town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Here, the Erzgebirge folk art and Christmas decorations from Germany and all over the world form a Christmas world all of its own. This Christmas world can be visited all year round. Cuckoo clocks compete with music boxes and fairy lights compete with Christmas tree decorations. The international success has even resulted in a beautiful assortment of Easter decorations in the last decades.

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Christmas decoration traditional and modern

Already thousands of years ago, green branches and beautiful decorations were supposed to banish the dull feeling of winter in the dark season. But it is only in the last few centuries that Christmas decorations have become affordable for everyone. And even cities decorated marketplaces with Christmas trees. The Christmas specialist Käthe Wohlfahrt went one step further in this development. With their Christmas shops in Rothenburg ob der Tauber and several other towns, they introduce people from near and far to the beautiful side of the Advent season. Between Christmas lights and smoking men, candles shine on candle arches, miners and angels tempt and music boxes invite people to listen and wonder. The online shop now complements this detailed assortment with traditional and modern decoration ideas affordable for everyone.

Christmas world at Käthe Wohlfahrt

Winter covers meadows, forests and paths with snow, frost and darkness. It is a time of peace, but also of fear and longing. All the more beautiful the Advent season shines in many parts of the world with colourful, fragrant and sparkling Christmas decorations. In terms of materials, glass Christmas decoration in the shape of baubles and decorative figures for hanging up is a timeless perennial favourite. But Käthe Wohlfahrt also carries tree decorations made of metal, wood, brass or pewter in her Christmas assortment from the handicraft manufactories in Germany. Optically similar to glass, but much younger and lighter are modern Christmas decorations made of acrylic glass. The Christmas specialist even offers special highlights of this kind with integrated lighting. In addition to candles and chains of lights, this makes the Christmas tree look even more radiant.

Christmas decoration in XXL size for indoor and outdoor

Since her childhood, Käthe Wohlfahrt has seen how Christmas decorations first conquered the living room, then the window sills and finally the front garden. Accordingly, the assortment was constantly adapted for such decoration wishes. In Rothenburg ob der Tauber you can admire these large decorative figures in the shop. Online, the assortment includes long chains of lights, tall artificial Christmas trees with and without lighting, large decorative figures and magnificent pyramids. Especially practical about such modern and large Christmas decorations is that the lighting and the drive no longer need to be secured by candles and mechanics. With power plug and LED illuminants the decoration figures shine much safer and just as beautiful. One of the most popular superlatives in the assortment of the Christmas specialist Käthe Wohlfahrt is an Advent calendar that is over one meter high and almost 90 cm long. The symbol for this extraordinary Christmas decoration is the nutcracker on a rocking horse. Behind each door of the calendar are miniature figures. This is how children and presentees discover the small in the big on every day of the Advent season. In the production of the multi-storey XXL pyramids the Erzgebirge folk art pulled out all the stops of the handicraft. Thus the viewers can experience Christmas stories by electric drive or classically by candles. Some of the splendour pieces carry out the movement on three or even four floors with rich decoration.

Accessories for your favourite pieces for the Advent season

Smoking men give the Advent season fragrances, which are otherwise hidden by winter. Therefore their funny bellies are equipped with incense cones. The smell of the incense cones is typically Christmassy or fills the room with the scent of honey, sandalwood and other pleasant scents. The assortment at Käthe Wohlfahrt includes blends from manufactories where such scents are still assembled by hand. Important accessories for Christmas decorations worldwide are ornaments - and light. That's why chains of lights and electric candles let tree, house and room shine. Actually, the Christmas tree is a religious symbol. But the emotional impact has carried its popularity far beyond this meaning. Unfortunately, even the Christmas specialist Käthe Wohlfahrt cannot prevent that some decorative pieces are damaged in the course of time. This can be remedied by spare parts such as candles or illuminants for candle arches, Advent wreaths and Christmas trees or spare parts for smoking men and Christmas pyramids.

200 Jahre Stille Nacht

200 years of Silent Night

Celebrate with us the 200th anniversary of the world famous Christmas carol!


Highlights for the Christmas season at Käthe Wohlfahrt

Of course, Christmas decorations are similar in their basic elements. So that each room shines in its own unique splendour, the Erzgebirge folk art has been involved in the production of unique pieces for centuries. Especially for decorative gifts, the Christmas specialist Käthe Wohlfahrt has modern highlights with traditional elements in its range. Besides chains of lights for bushes and Christmas trees, candles for tables and trees, smoking figurines and angels, these beautiful Christmas decorations are timelessly popular.

Customizable Christmas tree decorations

Christmas decorations are traditionally chosen long before Christmas Eve and some of them are put up well in advance. The Christmas tree gets its special shine with stars, lights and beautiful individual pieces. A nice gift idea for this occasion are Christmas tree baubles or glass hearts. At Käthe Wohlfahrt such a gift can be personalized. The Christmas specialist offers engraving with delicate lettering. For example, the text can contain Christmas greetings, a blessing or even names and dates. Mothers and fathers, siblings and lovers, children or friends are delighted with such a unique and individual gift. This gift will certainly be given a place in the front row of branches on the Christmas tree.

Discover creative ideas for decoration and gifts

Decorating the house according to the seasons and occasion is very important for many families. The dining table can also be decorated for Christmas. These decorations can be found as cute Christmas decorations at Käthe Wohlfahrt. Cups with Christmas sceneries, paper napkins with fairy tale motifs and finely embroidered tablecloths are the right decoration for the anticipation of the Christmas season. Of course the Christmas specialist also thinks along for the presents. Pretty gift bags to wrap the gifts compete in their patterns and colours with cups in gift boxes, place card holders and practical aprons for Christmas baking.

The four seasons magically interpreted

The Christmas decoration theme is a symbol of the Käthe Wohlfahrt brand. In the course of time the classical decoration has been modernized by the Erzgebirge folk art. Meanwhile decorations are available in many materials and forms and for the whole year. The Christmas specialist Käthe Wohlfahrt offers these favourite pieces to give away and fall in love with in stationary shops and online.


The Christmas specialist Käthe Wohlfahrt originally developed with a focus on Christmas decoration. The founder admired the fine arts and crafts from the Erzgebirge, Thuringia and other regions of Germany. The Christmas specialist shows the childlike joy in accessories at the Christmas location Rothenburg ob der Tauber, as well as in several other shops and with a large assortment online. The brand's philosophy is to delight children and adults at all seasons with beautiful accessories for indoors and outdoors, with a great attention to detail based on nature's example.

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