What is a souvenir?

A souvenir is a souvenir of a trip, which reminds its owner of the place of travel and his very personal impressions of this trip. The first souvenirs were items that were only available in these places and could not be obtained at home. Today souvenirs are almost all the same, especially in the heavily frequented resorts with many tourists, and no longer have the individual character that had, for example, souvenirs of our grandparents. All the more valuable are souvenirs with real regional character or a host family gift, which are not available in every souvenir store.

Why do travelers bring home a souvenir?

People have always associated beautiful memories and fascinating experiences with objects. We are not only hunters, but also collectors. Even in the Stone Age, it was not uncommon to carry jewelry and handicrafts and exchange them along the way. Even our ancestors associated memories of their experiences with the objects they exchanged. This has continued for centuries. The cult of saints of past centuries is another example. Pilgrims who visited the tombs and places of activity of saints on their journeys took pieces of what were thought to be the bones of saints with them to have with them at all times. A trip to a foreign place brings with it the opportunity to get to know other cultures and customs - there are also other everyday objects in use there. Souvenirs are not at all about finding something expensive or rare, but simply bringing home a small memento that testifies that you have really been there.

The souvenir as a passion for collecting

Speaking of collectors... many travel fans and tourists also have this characteristic. On the one hand, they naturally want to experience the world for themselves, even if it's only the Christmas market in the next town. The main thing is to think outside the box! At the same time, they also like to travel because there is something to discover in every place in the world. Some of it has to stay there and some they can take with them. People who travel a lot also take a lot of things home with them and, over time, develop a passion for collecting small mementos. This is why many people like to go to Christmas markets in particular, because they can bring small unique items back home with them. Also in the souvenir world of the Käthe Wohlfahrt online store you can find numerous beautiful souvenirs, which sometimes also make nice gifts.

Unique souvenirs: Small rarities

On the first vacation you take with your family or partner, you may not yet attach such great importance to a truly unique souvenir. However, those who have traveled more often have surely noticed that most souvenir stores have a more than similar selection. Engraved glasses, ships, glass figurines, carvings, candy, postcards... you can find it everywhere. Really valuable, for example, are souvenirs that come from the traditional crafts of the resort and can be had only there. Sometimes you have to search a bit for them, but that's also what makes their trip so attractive to souvenir hunters. Because this way they return home with a real rarity and can proudly show off what they have discovered in their vacation destination - and of course they can tell how it came about that they discovered this souvenir or received the host gift...



Which are particularly popular souvenirs?

They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes, but they are always intended to remind us of a unique place or time: souvenirs. Whether as a souvenir for friends and relatives or as a souvenir of their own - for many people, souvenirs are inseparably linked with their vacation. They bring the most beautiful moments back to life in us and let us escape the dreary everyday life for a moment.

Nowadays the most different kinds of souvenirs are offered, however there are particularly popular variants, which travelers acquire ever more frequently also as gifts.

Commercial souvenirs

Everybody knows them - the souvenir stores for tourists, in which one does not know at first, in which direction one should look first due to the variety after entering. It usually takes some time to find one's way through the jungle of offers. In the end, however, vacationers often opt for similar souvenirs. Textiles of all kinds that feature a location-specific imprint are particularly popular. Famous, for example, are the T-shirts with the green and red traffic light men from Berlin or sweaters with the most diverse city names and fancy sayings. But also bags in the most creative variants and colors rank very high on the popularity list. The size does not matter. The main thing is that you can always carry the memory of the vacation with you.

Less large but particularly practical are key chains with lettering or small replicas of sights of the place. If you always want to carry your souvenir on your body, you can also use jewelry. Whether earrings in the shape of the Eiffel Tower or bracelets, which are provided with the city name - in this way the vacation is always omnipresent.

In addition, for all those who can not start the day without a strong cup of coffee, colorful and fancy mugs are just the thing. For those who even want to be transported back to their vacation when they fall asleep, there is the option of taking home one of many different pillows as a souvenir. Among the most popular souvenirs, however, are replicas of the most famous sights, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Brandenburg Gate, which give every room a certain vacation flair. If you have taken fewer photos yourself, a coffee table book with professional photos is a great souvenir to remember the most beautiful places. Furthermore, there are also souvenirs that can only be bought in certain places, such as the unique masks from Venice.

Found objects and the like

In addition to the souvenirs that can be purchased in any souvenir store on the corner, there are also those that you can not pay with money. These include shells or cut glass, but also remains of ancient buildings such as the Pantheon in Athens or the Colosseum in Rome. In these cases, however, it should be mentioned that many buildings suffer severe damage as a result of this type of souvenir acquisition. In addition, souvenirs can also have a greater meaning for some people. For example, a statue of a saint from the end of the pilgrimage route in Santiago de Campostela, in addition to being a reminder of the experience, also has a particularly religious character at the same time. Also a souvenir of the host family or host siblings with whom one has spent a few nights can have a unique character and remind of the host country.

If you are looking for a unique souvenir for yourself or your loved ones, you are sure to find some of the most beautiful souvenirs in the souvenir world in the online store of Käthe Wohlfahrt.

From where to bring souvenirs?

Souvenirs are the ideal souvenir as gifts - but only from the vacation? A souvenir from the vacation is for the holidaymaker himself always also a souvenir of the wonderful time he spent at his vacation destination. Also, one brings souvenirs to beloved, liked and important people, to whom one would like to give a part of one's own happiness and also the thought of them as a person.

Souvenirs are everywhere

Souvenirs can be found on various trips. During a vacation in the south, typical objects of the country, shells or sand can be found. During vacations in the north, for example, ritual symbols from past times are offered as jewelry.

The souvenirs are always associated with a piece of the country, region or history of the place visited. Thus one brings the palate speciality "Leipziger Lerchen" from the city of the same name like marzipan from Lübeck, in order to share with its dearest ones something special and traditional or to remember itself with the taste of the sweets.

Trips to time-honored festivals call for typical souvenirs such as a stylish beer stein from Munich's Oktoberfest, gingerbread from Nuremberg's Christkindlesmarkt or medieval items from a spectaculum.

Visits to places like a traditional glassblowing workshop are a great way to purchase blown figurines and vases as souvenirs.

Museums, on the other hand, often sell various souvenirs of certain exhibitions such as ancient Roman games in leather pouches that are hawked at ancient exhibitions. It is the small features of the place visited that can be taken home in tiny pieces.

City tours are a popular reason to purchase various souvenir souvenirs; be it lighters, bags, picture cards, a coffee table book or figurines that always remind people of the destination.

Also concert, sport and event meetings offer Mitbringsel such as clothing with slogans, typical entrance bracelets or also scarves with the association logo as Souvenir. Even the plastic cup purchased is elevated to the status of an ideally valuable souvenir - just like mulled wine glasses at Christmas markets, to remind people of the good times.

Wherever something special is offered that cannot be found in one's own hometown, souvenirs can be purchased. It is not without reason that souvenirs and hostess gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Käthe Wohlfahrt's online store also offers a wide range of souvenirs. The store includes various souvenirs, sometimes from specific cities and regions.

Where does the word souvenir come from?

The term "souvenir" is derived from the French verb of the same name "se souvenir" and means something like "to remember something".

Taking the vacation home with you

A souvenir is often bought on vacation. It is meant to remind and recall the beautiful vacation time. That is why these souvenirs are usually presented in highly visible places in the home, also to show them to friends and relatives.

A good example of souvenirs of all kinds is the souvenir world of Käthe Wohlfahrt. Here, typical German souvenirs are offered in all their forms and shapes.

The souvenir

The German term Andenkens is roughly the same as Souvenir, but it has another meaning. It may be that it was Bill Ramsey's 1959 hit song about the souvenir that pushed the concept of souvenir into the background.

The German souvenir lacks the lightness and playfulness of the French term.

Forms of the souvenir

The Eiffel Tower or the Brandenburg Gate in small format are classic souvenirs, as is the gondola as a souvenir from Venice. They embody typical buildings or objects of an important city, do not need to be explained and remind the viewer immediately of the places for which they are characteristic. The same applies, for example, to garden gnomes or the German cuckoo clock from the Black Forest.

Often, objects of everyday use also become souvenirs, such as a beer mug on which Neuschwanstein Castle is depicted. In this case, the beer mug or garden gnomes generally stand for the German or Bavarian way of life, and the castle for one of the most important sights in Germany.

Arouse feelings and memories

Whether it's a high-quality, handmade German cuckoo clock, eye-catching garden gnomes in the backyard. a thick coffee table book with great photos or a pot holder with windmills printed on it in Delft blue - the enormous significance of a souvenir is the same in both cases and absolutely independent of its material value. The object brought along awakens a whole wealth of memories and feelings, be it of certain landscapes, cities, special buildings or even people such as the host family with the host siblings in the host country. These consistently beautiful memories are embodied and visible in the souvenir, it preserves the beautiful past and illuminates the present of everyday life.

What are the legal requirements regarding souvenirs?

Not every souvenir from your vacation is suitable as a souvenir. There are legal regulations concerning national and international law that must be adhered to.

Protection of species - flora and fauna are not souvenirs

It starts with the protection of species. Special species of animals may not be exported or imported. Apart from the morally questionable definition of animals as souvenirs, there are solid arguments for this ban:

In Australia, for example, the rabbit and the Aga toad were introduced. There are no natural enemies of the rabbit or the toad there, which is why the species were able to spread and become a problem for the ecosystem. They mainly threaten the flora of the area and other species that occupy the same ecological niche as they do. This leads to the extinction of the native species. The Aga toad is additionally poisonous, contaminating drinking water through its secretions and thus killing native species as well.

Also covered by the ban on species importation are items made from certain animals. For example, no animal products made from cats or dogs may be imported into Germany, as they enjoy special legal protection in the EU. Other species are threatened because of the risk of contamination and various animals and plants are protected because of their increased risk of extinction.

Animals like poisonous spiders or snakes are additionally a danger for humans; on the one hand because of the rarely available antidote, on the other hand because of the lack of experience in dealing with the respective animal.

Furthermore, there are animals such as the dark tiger python, which was introduced from China to North America and is multiplying explosively. The dangerousness of the animals and their untamable nature is also misunderstood, so that the animals are abandoned in the wild for fear of punishment instead of being given away to suitable places.

In addition, species-protected animals are often only able to survive in their natural environment. If these animals are exported from their native habitat by non-professionals, the already low population of the species is further diminished until it becomes extinct. An additional reason is the risk of disease spread. Similar regulations apply to plants.

Cultural goods

From Turkey, not even collected shells or stones may be taken home. Turkey considers this under appropriate penalties as theft. Stones and shells belong to the cultural goods of a country like archaeological findings such as coins, fossils, pottery and works of art. This applies to all countries in the world. Exceptions are granted by separate permits.

Cosmetics, medicines and drugstore products

Cosmetics and medicines comprise another extensive area of souvenir items of concern. Not every product meets the requirements of the home country, whether for reasons of narcotics law or because it contains ingredients that are classified as questionable or dangerous in Germany.

Food as a souvenir

Nevertheless, various foodstuffs are excluded from export or even import. For example, meat may not be exported to the USA to prevent an epidemic. In the 1990s, for example, no meat was allowed to be exported from England because the cattle disease BSE had spread there not for the first time.

Basic information

Information on the respective regulations and laws of individual countries can be obtained from the website of the German Foreign Office or from customs.

Within the European Union, there are few restrictions - especially when products are for personal use only. There may be tax levies on other goods, such as tobacco, perfume and alcohol.

Fireworks may not be imported into Germany under any circumstances, as the Explosives Act prohibits this under penalty. Unconstitutional media and media harmful to young people are also subject to strict import bans. Items of particularly high value must be declared.

Which souvenirs can be found in the online shop of Käthe Wohlfahrt?

Käthe Wohlfahrt souvenir world

The Käthe Wohlfahrt company from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is known far beyond the city limits for its Christmas articles. From shiny Christmas tree baubles to elegant ribbon bows and intricately crafted wooden Christmas pyramids, you'll find just about everything you need for festive and Christmassy decorations. In its own online store, Käthe Wohlfahrt now offers a wide range of Christmas items. In addition to a wide range of Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations, Käthe Wohlfahrt now also has a number of souvenirs in stock for its customers. All these souvenirs can of course be ordered online.

Snow globes and magnets

If you like snow globes or collect snow globes, you will find various pretty snow globe models in the large Käthe Wohlfahrt souvenir store. Among them are various snow globes with the city motif of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, snow globes with the Brandenburg Gate or Christmas snow globes with a Santa Claus, a reindeer or a funny snowman as a motif. Among the smaller souvenirs, there is also a range of colorful magnets in different designs to discover in the Käthe Wohlfahrt store. Among them ladybugs, beer mugs, angels or cats in magnet form.

Beer mugs and textiles as souvenirs

In the large assortment of the souvenir world, you can also expect products such as beer mugs, potholders or aprons at Käthe Wohlfahrt. Many of the beer mugs are elaborately decorated, with colorful patterns and have a lid, others are made of glass or ceramic and have a printed motif. The cotton bags, aprons, potholders and kitchen towels are printed with colorful Germany motifs.

Other products of the Käthe Wohlfahrt souvenir world

At Käthe Wohlfahrt, however, you can purchase many other products as souvenirs and souvenirs. Among them for example:

- Cuckoo clocks

- travel guides

- sweets

- funny colorful smoking men

- nutcracker figures

- cups

- pendants

Just browse through the Käthe Wohlfahrt souvenir world and choose your favorite souvenir!

Are souvenirs suitable as collectibles?

The souvenir world and pretty collectibles

When people travel and go on vacation, they often bring a souvenir or host gift from that country or city. They often give these souvenirs as gifts to those at home. At the same time, vacationers share their experiences and stories that happened to them while they were away. A souvenir can be a piece of clothing with a print that is actually worn.

Travelers also spontaneously bring back a souvenir to decorate their home with. Then it can develop into a collection. The magnet is a good example of this.

In addition, the magnet for the refrigerator proves to be particularly practical, because it does not require much space in the luggage. In addition, the refrigerator has free space, due to which the magnet is an ideal collectible.

In contrast, the heavy beer mug with the tin lid is chosen quite deliberately. It is not used in everyday life, because it is part of a collection. The collector travels and buys his object even abroad to expand his collection.

Collecting and the search for collectibles

A collection is maintained by the collector and receives a lot of attention. In addition, the collection has a large display case in which the objects from the vacation are stored. Collectors who have a weakness for cuckoo clocks, even present these clocks in a specially designed room.

Either the collected objects are very specific utensils or materials from nature. For example, the sand from the beach on vacation is a souvenir and collectible object.

Collecting and collecting objects

The owners feel the urge and want to complete their collection. At home, the pieces are sorted and cleaned from dust. These objects are functional, but they are not used in everyday life. They are objects of display and represent. The objects receive a lot of attention from the viewer.

Only the Christmas decorations are an exception. Once a year, the collected objects are ceremonially staged.

The collector travels around the world and always has his object in mind. While the tourist brings back things typical of the country from his travels, the collector occupies himself intensively with his passion. He takes care of the collection, invests a lot of time, preserves and receives great recognition for his work. The collection can be complemented with a guest gift or souvenir from the online store of Käthe Wohlfahrt from the souvenir world.