Winter children heaven's child "A gift for you"

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Hubrig Volkskunst
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Winter children Heavenly Child - Miniatures by Hubrig
Hubrig winter children, also known as Hubrig WiKi, have inspired and delighted numerous collectors and enthusiasts for years. Hand-painted, with great attention to detail, each figure is unique and has its own character.
The heavenly children of this series are busy little angels who have all sorts of things to do in the Christmas season. The Christmas preparations are in full swing.Whether wrapping gifts, crafting or decorating. There is always something to do for the little winged helpers.

• Traditional miniature figure of the series "Heavenly Children" from Hubrig
• made of real wood
• handpainted
• Height: 2.4 inch (6 cm)
• Original from the Erzgebirge