Lederhosen Boy with Pretzel

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Little Bavarian boy delivers any message
The cute boy from Bavaria in lederhosen holds a big pretzel in his hands. Maybe the Bavarian wants to remind you of an invitation to dinner? In any case, you can place your personal message on the base. The Bavarian boy brings the matching notes right away.

Cheerful wooden figure for decorating and gift giving
• real wood
• painted by hand
• with notes for a personal message
• height: 2.6" (6,5 cm)

Wooden figurine from the series "Little messengers of happiness" of the Rothenburg Christmas workshop.
Humorous and charming, the little messengers of luck deliver small cheerful messages. They are perfect as decoration for your own home, as a small gift or even as a lucky charm for a loved one. For the personal message, each messenger of luck has small slips of paper with it. Our unique decorative figures, which stand out due to their loving design with many details, are developed by our team of artists in the Rothenburg Christmas workshop. The love of craftsmanship is evident in the careful and detailed design of each figurine, which gives each one its own character.