Lumix Superlight Mini 6 candles expansion set in red

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LED Christmas Tree Candles by LUMIX - Extension-Set
The elaborately lacquered SuperLight Mini candles in the Metallic Edition combine elegant design with the full functionality of our SuperLight candles in the highest product quality.
  • Attention! The basic set is required in advance!
  • Supplied without remote control!
  • a special feature for your Christmas tree
  • 6 wireless Tree Candles
  • for inside and outside
  • with flickering effect
  • with 5 brightness levels
  • barrel color: red / metallic
  • height: 3.5 inch (9 cm)
  • delivery with 6 Batteries LR03/AAA
  • with about 4 hours daily use, you have 21 days of joy on the tree before the batteries need to be replaced.
  • item-number of the matching Basic-Set: 932-151