Saint Nicholas

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Saint Nicholas made of wood as a Christmas tree ornament.
The lovely St. Nicholas not only makes children's eyes brighten and will bring you so much joy during Advent season! Saint Nicholas has a beautiful beard and a gift bag which is filled with delicious gingerbread and apple, as well as a small St. Nicholas boot with a teddy bear. Saint Nicholas wears his bishop's robe and a mitre and carries the golden crosier in his hand.

Colourful wooden ornament to give away and collect
  • Real wood
  • Hand painted
  • Height: 3 inch (7,5 cm)

The "Colourful Christmas Charm" series from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop® is a blaze of colour.
There are always new details of this miniature world of wood to discover. Ideal for hanging from a tree, garland or a window. Each flat, hand painted, wooden ornament tells its own story.
Our unique ornaments made of wood are designed by our team of artisans in the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop, in the romantic Tauber Valley. Their creativity and love of craftsmanship is evident in the multitude of details and the intricate design of each ornament. Because of this, the ornaments are not only suitable as Christmas tree ornaments, but can be decorated in many different ways. There are no limits to your creativity.
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