Caganer, Smoky

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All over the world, nativity scenes are very popular at Christmas.
In Catalonia, in the area around Barcelona, in addition to the classic nativity figurines, there is another peculiar nativity figurine. The "Caganer"- translated "little shitter". It is a figurine of a farmer in traditional Catalan dress, who is doing his "big business". The "little shitter" represents the circle of life and is supposed to bring good luck for the upcoming year. The funny incense smoker is a nice reminder of a trip to Spain / Catalonia or a humorous gift idea and decoration idea for friends and family.

Enchanting incense smoker for gift giving and collecting
- real wood
- hand-painted
- height: 4.13" (10,5 cm)

Incense smoker from the series "Smoky" of the Rothenburg Christmas workshop
The design of our unique figurines with many charming details is developed by our team of artists of the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop located in the romantic Tauber Valley. Great emphasis is placed on creativity and love of the craftsmanship. The designs are always cheerful and each one has its own character. Thus, the little incense smokers spread joy in your home at any time of year and on different occasions.

Please note: Delivery without incense cones. Please use only the small incense cones from Käthe Wohlfahrt.

Safety note: Light the incense candle only at the tip. Use only in suitable incense smokers or fireproof incense burners. Please do not leave burning unattended. Caution, very hot. Not suitable for consumption!