Candle holder and drip catcher

Besides candle holders, drip catchers are one of the most important accessories needed for a candle. Nevertheless, drip catchers are not very common, which means that many people do not enjoy the benefits of drip catchers. Therefore, the following will explain in more detail what drip catchers actually are, for which candles they are suitable and what the main advantages are.

As the name suggests, drip catchers are designed to catch drips. A ring is attached to the candle, which completely encloses it, so that no wax drips run down, because they are caught. This ring or the drip catcher comes in a wide variety of colors, versions and materials. For example, drip catchers made of glass, porcelain, metal or brass are very popular. Drop catchers are furthermore also used for other products such as teapots.

Basically, drip catchers are suitable for almost all types of candles, depending on the size or diameter. Whether stick candle, pillar candle or even Easter candle - the use is always recommended. However, the most common are drip catchers with an inner diameter of about 20 mm - 30 mm for various types of stick candles or even household candles. Example therefore are among others classic candlesticks, cake candles or Christmas tree candles.

The advantages of using drip catchers are numerous. First of all, they provide the table decoration or candlestick protection from hot dripping wax, which is difficult to remove from the tablecloth or even may burn a hole in it. This also allows them to easily replace the often less elegant candle plate, saving space as well. With real tree candles, they can also protect the Christmas tree decorations, branches and carpet or floor. Another advantage is that drip catchers have not only a protective function, but also a decorative function. Thus, some drip catcher by stylish or colorful ornaments can give your candle and thus your decoration that certain something and become a special eye-catcher. A final advantage is also that drip catchers are very affordable despite their helpful functions and depending on the size, processing and material can be purchased for small amounts of money already.

Of course, in addition to an extensive range of candles, Käthe Wohlfahrt also offers you various accessories such as candle holders, tree light holders, glass inserts and of course drop catchers. These are available in our stores as well as in our online shop.