Grünhainichen Angels

They are classics of Christmas and for some people belong to Christmas like the Christmas tree or nativity figures: The Grünhainichen angels. For this product, the company Wendt & Kühn has long been known worldwide and is appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. Wendt & Kühn is a traditional family business from the Erzgebirge in Saxony, which was founded in 1915 and, in addition to its angels, is also known for its high-quality handicrafts with wood, which include other wooden figures and music boxes.

In the following, however, the Grünhainichen angels will be discussed in more detail and answers will be given as to what they actually are, where they got their name from, what makes them special and what their history is.

The angels have their name from the founding site and current headquarters of the company Wendt & Kühn Grünhainichen, a small community in the Erzgebirge. The approximately 5 cm (1.96’’) tall angels are handmade and made of wood and appear in different roles with different objects such as gifts, hearts or flowers. Especially popular, however, are the angels playing music, which are part of the angel orchestra with a xylophone, triangle, flute or violin.

There are multiple aspects that distinguish the Grünhainichen angels from other angel figurines and thus make them unique and special. First of all, each figurine is painted by hand in the in-house manufactory, making each one unique. What is also typical for the appearance of the angels are the green wings, each decorated with exactly eleven white dots, which is why they are also called eleven-dot angels. In addition, each of the little angels has red cheeks, which make their smile even more magical. Another trademark are the white robes with light blue decorations that all little angels wear.

As early as 1923, founder Grete Wendt designed the first three Grünhainichen angels, an angel with a flute, one with a candle and one with a violin, with which the success story took its course. Since then, the unmistakable angels have long since become a cult object and collector's item. In addition, over all these years, the orchestra with the various angel musicians has constantly expanded. Moreover, the gold edition has appeared and every year there is a new annual angel.

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