Advent stars from the Erzgebirge

There are certain symbols that are simply inevitably associated with Christmas. A fir tree, a gingerbread man, a snowman, a boot or bells. Another symbol that must not be missing in any case is the star. In all possible shapes, colors, sizes and designs, they can be seen at Christmas time sometimes with and sometimes without lighting. The popularity of stars is also one of the reasons why Advent stars enjoy such great popularity.

But what exactly are Advent stars, where do they come from and who invented them? These and other questions will be answered in the following to shed some light into the darkness around this eye-catching Christmas decoration.

Origin and history of the Advent star

The origin story of the Advent star goes back deep into the 18th century. Back then, children in the small Saxon town of Herrnhut were taught basic mathematics and geometry at school. To help students visualize complex shapes, teachers had them make various geometric shapes out of paper that were assembled into stars. Then, a century later, a teacher had an idea that would be a crucial step in the creation of the Advent star. He illuminated the stars from the inside. These stars spread by missionaries fast in the whole country and shone as star of Bethlehem from 25.12 to 06.01. At the beginning of the 20th century the stars were already hung up from the 1st Advent as Christmas decoration and became thus ever more popular. Over the years, the formerly only white star has evolved into other models such as yellow or red stars and the lighting was of course long since electrically by a small light bulb.

Nowadays, of course, the range has greatly increased and Advent stars are no longer made only from paper, but also from plastic. In addition, the stars come in a wide variety of flashy colors and sizes. In addition, there are also weatherproof stars that are suitable for outdoor use and defy snow and rain.

Herrnhuter as the most famous brand

Nowadays, there is a variety of manufacturers of Advent stars. However, the Herrnhut stars, which originate from Herrnhut, are considered the original and most widespread. They are still made in the small Saxon town in elaborate handwork. In addition to Herrnhut, there are also Annaberger, Haßlauer, Marienberger and Hartensteiner, which offer Advent or Christmas stars.

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