Artificial trees

Künstliche Weihnachtsbäume

Artificial Christmas trees

The tradition of the Christmas tree

The evergreen Christmas tree has been an essential part of the holiday season in Christian countries for centuries. Its fragrance conveys a sense of liveliness during the coldest months of the year, while its branches symbolize eternal life. There are even non-Christian cultures that have adopted the wonderful custom of decorating an evergreen tree for Christmas. Thanks to the influence of tradition, innovation and changes in consumer behavior, Christmas tree decorations have evolved over time, as has the choice of a real or an artificial Christmas tree. The latter has become steadily more popular in recent years and has increasingly found its way into the world’s living rooms.

Types of artificial Christmas trees

The majority of artificial Christmas trees are made of two different materials: Either PVC foil cut or polyethylene or injection molding. These differ mainly in quality, appearance and price. While foil cut trees are cheaper, injection molded trees look much more real and natural. Therefore, often mixed designs are used, where the less visible trunk is made of foil cut, whereas the needles and branches are made of high quality injection molding.

Advantages of artificial Christmas trees

It is often criticized that artificial Christmas trees have disadvantages such as the lack of scent compared to real trees. However, artificial trees also offer a variety of advantages that convince more and more people to buy them.

When an artificial Christmas tree is used for many years, it comes with several advantages. First, despite the raw materials used, but a certain lifespan, it is more ecological, because the real tree is treated with environmentally harmful pesticides and has long transport routes behind it.

Although an artificial tree is in most cases more expensive than a real one, the purchase pays off after some time, as it only involves one-time acquisition costs, whereas a real tree has to be paid for anew every year.

Furthermore, the artificial alternative is connected with much less stress and effort, both before and after Christmas. While a real tree must be transported laboriously by car or even more complicated, leaving needles everywhere, the artificial Christmas tree can simply be taken out of the basement or storeroom and placed without losing needles. In addition, it can be easily stowed away after the holiday and does not need to be dragged to the street.

Another point in favor of artificial trees is that they are almost non-flammable compared to a real tree. This is especially advantageous for tree candles and a household with small children or pets.

Artificial Christmas trees at Käthe Wohlfahrt

Of course, there is also a large selection of artificial Christmas trees for sale at Käthe Wohlfahrt. Whether with artificial snow or natural green, whether already illuminated or without fairy lights, whether already decorated or still bare, you have the choice. In addition, should you choose a bare artificial tree without ornaments and lights, you will certainly find the matching baubles and candles in our shop as well.