Wooden Buddy "Alsatian"

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Who does this cheerful Butzl remind you of?
There are often occasions to surprise a friend, a neighbor or another loved one or just to say "thank you". Our funny Alsatian will be happy to deliver this message for you. In Alsace tradition is very important and therefore the traditional costume is worn on special occasions and celebrations. The Alsatian proudly presents his traditional costume. Of course, a good wine shouldn't be missing at any celebration and so the Butzl brings a bottle with him. Symbolically, the Butzl carries a stork under his arm, because they feel right at home in the beautiful Alsace and characterize the landscape. The ornament is a nice souvenir or souvenir from a trip to beautiful Alsace.

Funny wooden ornament for gift giving and collecting
• Real wood
• Hand painted
• Height: 3 - 3.7 inch (7,5 - 9 cm)

Little characters from the Rothenburg Christmas Workshop®
The cute little figures are characterized in particular by the detailed design of the respective theme or task. Wonderfully the personalities of the "Butzl" are worked out here. Each ornament is hand painted and is a great year-round decorative accessory standing or hanging.
Our unique wooden tree ornaments are developed by our team of artists in the Rothenburg Christmas workshop, in the romantic Tauber Valley. The creativity and love of the craft can be seen in the multitude of details and the intricate design of each ornament.