The company Hubrig Volkskunst

Hubrig Volkskunst is a family business from the Erzgebirge region in Saxony, Germany, which originated in 1969 and is now appreciated worldwide for its handicrafts. The brand is best known for its small, intricately designed and hand-painted wooden figurines, the Original Hubrig Miniatures, which are produced in a wide variety of versions.

In addition, company boss Thomas Hubrig places great value on craftsmanship and high-quality processing of wood, as he came in touch with it as a child in his father's workshop and understood its importance.

The product range - From miniature to Schwibbogen

The product range of Hubrig Volkskunst includes a variety of miniatures, wooden figurines, pyramids, tree ornaments, incense smokers, music boxes and Schwibbogen.

The most famous articles are certainly the original Hubrig miniatures, small wooden figures that appear in different series. Being hand-painted, each one is unique and therefore popular among collectors. A popular series are, for example, the winter children, which are sprinkled with small, white snowflakes and are intended to recall the most beautiful winter memories of childhood. Examples include motifs such as bird feeding, the sausage house or the sledge driver boy. Another important series are the flower children, which stand for spring and summer. Each flower child holds a different flower such as gentian or bluebell in its hand. Also the little angels that appear with instruments or other objects are a real eye-catcher.

While most of the figurines have more of a Christmas connection, there is the Easter counterpart in the Hubrig Hasenland with bunny figurines and the rabbit school.

In addition to numerous figurines and miniatures, there are also incense smokers in the assortment, which are based on their designs. Moreover, there are also pyramids, music boxes and Schwibbogen in which the distinctive figures are already incorporated.

Furthermore, novelties and an annual figure appear annually, which broaden the product range even more. Interesting are also products that are created in cooperation with other manufacturers, for example Herrnhuter. Thus, both companies combined each their figures and stars and brought the Herrnhuter Sternsinger on the market.

Hubrig Volkskunst distributes its quality products with the help of selected specialist dealers. A large selection of miniatures, figurines, accessories and more is also available at Käthe Wohlfahrt.