Incense cones

Incense smokers with incense cones are popular at Christmas time to create a Christmassy atmosphere. By their appearance and scent, they can thus give the certain something to many Christmas rooms.

However, what are actually incense cones? Moreover, why do people light incense cones at Christmas? What is the difference between incense sticks and incense cones? In addition, how do you burn them properly? These and other questions are answered below to help you decide which incense cones and incense smokers are best for you.

The origin of the incense cone

Incense candles or incense cones have been made in the Erzgebirge Mountains since the middle of the 18th century. However, their use can be traced back much further. Because the use of different incense has been common in various religions since time immemorial. In Christianity, a connection can be made with the Magi and their gifts. Myrrh, gold and incense were given to the baby Jesus. The latter is also used in important religious services, for example, at Christmas, which is an explanation for the burning of incense at Christmas time.

Production of incense cones

Incense candles are now manufactured worldwide. Nevertheless, a large part of the production is still in the Erzgebirge, where they originated. The small cones have different ingredients. Charcoal, incense tree resin and potato starch are the main ingredients that are ground and mixed into a paste before being pressed into their typical shape. In addition, other ingredients affect the scent. For example, cinnamon, sandalwood or fir are added to give the candles another touch.

Incense candles, incense cones, incense sticks - What is the difference between them?

Incense candles and incense cones are used synonymously. Incense sticks, on the other hand, do not consist entirely of "incense mass". It is merely applied to a thin wooden stick. In addition, unlike incense candles, these are common mainly in Asian countries such as India, China or Japan and are often used in religious ceremonies. Another difference is the burning time. Incense sticks burn for about 30 minutes, whereas incense candles burn for 10-20 minutes, depending on their size. However, the most obvious difference can be seen in the way of burning or in the application. Incense sticks are usually placed in sand bowls and burned. Incense candles, on the other hand, burn in incense smokers, which are available in all imaginable shapes, sizes and variations.

Proper burning of incense candles

Proper burning of incense candles in incense smokers is fairly simple and is not a big challenge. Nevertheless, there are some points that should be considered. First of all, it is essential to know whether you need small or large incense candles, so as not to damage either the cones or the incense smoker. The candle is then lit at the tip and placed on the metal disc on the bottom of the screwed incense smoker. It is important to hold the candle at the bottom so as not to injure yourself. The last step is to carefully put on the upper part. Now nothing stands in the way of enjoyment.

Incense cones at Käthe Wohlfahrt

Also at Käthe Wohlfahrt there is of course an extensive range of incense candles in different sizes and scents such as fir, gingerbread, roasted almonds, baked apple and many more. In addition, there are of course also various incense smokers of all possible designs in the assortment. From the small Smoky as a star child to the large wooden Knoddl as a snowman, there is certainly something for everyone.