The company Christian Ulbricht

Christian Ulbricht is a traditional family business from Seiffen in the Erzgebirge in Saxony, which was founded in 1928 under the name Otto Ulbricht as a workshop for woodwork and toys. Today, more than 90 years later, the company is appreciated all over the world for its wooden art and unique handicrafts. The brand is best known for its intricately crafted traditional wooden products, handcrafted in workshops with inordinate passion and exceptional attention to detail.

It is particularly noteworthy that in addition to the company's own professional painters and woodturners, the boss and namesake Christian Ulbricht also often takes to the lathe and demonstrates his craftsmanship.

The assortment - From nutcracker to incense smoker

The product range of Christian Ulbricht is diverse and includes various nutcrackers, decorative figures such as baker's angels or dwarfs, pyramids, miniatures, Christmas tree ornaments, incense smokers and much more.

Among the most popular items are the nutcrackers, which are available in various sizes and designs from mini to XL. The incense smokers are also produced in great variety, so that diverse sizes and categories such as mini gnomes, snowmen or smoke houses are offered. What is also popular are the products of the world of lights such as pyramids or Advent candlesticks. Of course, Christian Ulbricht also offers matching accessories such as incense candles, figurine stands or candles.

Even though the majority of the products are Christmas related, the company also sells Easter items made of wood, such as Easter bunnies, Easter ornaments, Easter miniatures or Easter wiggles.

In addition, every year novelties of all product categories are released, which expand and complement the range.

Christian Ulbricht distributes its high-quality products with the help of selected specialist dealers. Käthe Wohlfahrt also offers a selection of these nutcrackers, smoking men and pyramids. For example, the nutcracker "Baker" might be an excellent gift for collectors or friends.