The company Wendt & Kühn

Wendt & Kühn is a traditional family business from the Erzgebirge in Saxony, which was founded in 1915 and today is appreciated all over the world for its handicrafts. The brand is best known for its small, intricately designed and hand-painted wooden figures, which are produced in a wide variety of versions and finishes.

In addition, the company places great emphasis on sustainability and resource-saving production. Thus, only wood from regional sawmills is processed, thus making a valuable contribution to combatting climate change.

The assortment - from angel to music box

The product range of Wendt & Kühn comprises diverse wooden figurines and music boxes.

The most famous figurines are without a doubt the Grünhainichen Angels, named after the company's founding location and current headquarters. The approx. 5 cm tall angels are handcrafted and made of wood and appear in various roles with different objects such as gifts, hearts or flowers. Particularly popular, however, are the music-making angels, who are part of the angel orchestra with xylophone, triangle or violin. Moreover, the Marguerite Angels are also very popular.

In addition to the angels, there are other figurines such as elves, flower children or star children.

Furthermore, the Wendt & Kühn manufactory also produces music boxes, which are not only colorfully and creatively painted, but also equipped with high-quality musical movements. In addition, they play pleasant spring and Christmas melodies, as well as timeless classics.

Wendt & Kühn distributes its quality products with the help of selected specialist dealers. A large selection of figurines, angels and music boxes is also available at Käthe Wohlfahrt. Particularly noteworthy here is the Angel with Käthe Wohlfahrt Express which is exclusively available at Käthe Wohlfahrt.