The company Richard Glässer

Richard Glässer is a traditional family business from Seiffen in the Erzgebirge mountains in Saxony, Germany, which originated over 85 years ago and is now appreciated worldwide for its wooden folk art. The brand is especially known for its intricately designed hand-carved pyramids, which are produced in a wide variety of versions and designs.

Seiffen, the company headquarters, is a spa town in the Erzgebirge mountains, which is ideally suited for the production of wooden art, as it is not only idyllically located, but also bears the nickname toy village due to the high number of local toy makers. It is particularly interesting that in the company's own show workshop you can get an insight into the manufacture and thus see how, for example, a wooden figurine is created step by step from the design to the turning.

The assortment - from pyramid to music box

The product range of Richard Glässer comprises about 1000 items, including various pyramids, nativity scenes, nutcrackers, tree decorations, incense smokers, candle arches and music boxes.

The 1- to 5-tier Christmas pyramids show detailed scenes such as the birth of Christ or a bear house and usually have tea light inserts. In addition, electrically illuminated and operated pyramids are also in the range. The company's incense smokers are available in various sizes and are often based on professions such as gingerbread sellers, doctors or miners. But there are also fictional figures such as a forest gnome, a wood gnome or Santa. The nutcrackers are sold in sizes from 8 cm - 120 cm and also have a professional or a regional reference, for example, as a Bavarian or Scot. In addition, there are also regular new releases with a current reference, such as the virologist nutcracker. The candle arches are also true works of art that show Christmas scenes such as a Christmas forest. The music boxes that play pleasant melodies and have motifs such as an angel concert or the Seiffen Christmas market are also popular.

Most of the articles in the range have a Christmas connection. In addition, Richard Glässer also sells a small selection of Easter items such as bunny figurines or incense bunny smokers. There is also the popular bear series. Of course, various accessories and spare parts such as pyramid wings are also available.

Richard Glässer distributes its quality products exclusively with the help of selected specialist dealers. A select range of pyramids, music boxes and more is also available at Käthe Wohlfahrt.