Mountain christmas

Poesie in Glas - Bergweihnacht

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Glass tree decorations from the Poetry in Glass series "Mountain Christmas"

The snow-covered peaks of the majestic mountains conceal a world full of magic and romance - especially at Christmas time. The "Mountain Christmas" series transports you to this enchanted landscape, where the air is filled with the scent of pine and glistening snow and the crackling of a crackling fire in a cozy mountain hut makes the evening unforgettable.
Immerse yourself in the silence of the snow-covered forests, where the gentle crunch of snow beneath your feet accompanies you as you make your way to your rustic mountain hut. The majestic peaks tower high into the sky, while marmots peer curiously out of their hiding places and ibex leap majestically over the rocks.

In the midst of this breathtaking scenery, a festively decorated Christmas tree awaits you, its glittering ornaments made of handmade glass reflecting the warmth and cordiality of the holidays. Each ornament tells its own story: icicles glisten in the light of the stars, while a playful Santa Claus roams the snow-covered paths as a hiker, bearing gifts for those celebrating the festival of love in the mountains.
Experience the magic of Christmas in the mountains and let yourself be enchanted by the "Mountain Christmas" series. Each piece is a handcrafted masterpiece that captures the beauty and tradition of the Alpine Christmas season and transforms your home into an oasis of festive joy.
Discover the unique "Bergweihnacht" collection today and be inspired by the romantic atmosphere of the mountains. Merry Christmas from the snowy peaks!