Tree decorations that make Christmas something very special

“The Little Mole Krtek” by Käthe Wohlfahrt is a wonderful collection that is suitable for both young and old. The Little Mole is a popular character from the animated series of the same name, which has been watched on television for generations. The series is very popular and has many fans all over the world.

The Mole is known for his adventures and lovable personality. The figures from the series are true to detail and are lovingly handcrafted. Each figurine tells its own story and brings a touch of nostalgia into every home. The Poetry in a Jar series “The Little Mole Krtek” is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a collector's item for fans of the series. The high-quality workmanship and loving details make this collection something special. Bring back memories of your childhood with the figurines from the “The Little Mole Krtek” series by Käthe Wohlfahrt and enjoy the timeless beauty of this unique collection. 

Glass tree decorations from Käthe Wohlfahrt

The glass Christmas figurines from the “Little Mole Krtek” series are now available from Käthe Wohlfahrt®. The figurines range in size from 6.5 to 10 cm and can be combined with other Käthe Wohlfahrt series. This is ensured, among other things, by the crystal-studded brass comet on the hanger under the motto Poetry in Glass®, which gives all the figures a recognition value and thus makes them a unit. On the tree, the lovingly designed little mole “Krtek”, the rabbit “Zajíc”, the mouse “Myš” and the hedgehog “Ježek” with their bright colors and glittering details make a very good figure.

The figures are lovingly decorated with glitter, mouth-blown and hand-painted. This high-quality workmanship and the special motifs make the tree decorations not only beautiful Christmas decorations, but also an imaginative gift idea.

Glass tree decorations make great gifts in the run-up to Christmas. Glass tree decorations are also ideal as a small token of appreciation for hosts, parents or employees. Incidentally, four of the five figures from the “Little Mole Krtek” series are so neutrally designed that they could also be given as gifts to all “Mole Krtek lovers” in the middle of the year.

Christmas for the whole family

Celebrate the festive season with the whole family and decorate your tree with the enchanting figurines from the “The Little Mole Krtek” series by Käthe Wohlfahrt. Each figurine tells its own story and brings joy and nostalgia into your home. The lovingly designed characters are perfect for turning your Christmas tree into a real eye-catcher. Whether it's the little mole himself, the funny rabbit or the faithful dog - each character has its own unique charm and will delight young and old alike. Create a festive atmosphere and be enchanted by the characters from the “The Little Mole Krtek” series. Enjoy the magic of the holidays together with your family and create unforgettable memories with the tree decorations from Käthe Wohlfahrt.

In households of one or two people, this may not need to be mentioned separately, but for larger families with children, you should make sure that the glass tree decorations are particularly attractive to the children if they contain children's motifs. It is therefore better to hang the glass elements in the upper part of the Christmas tree, on branches on the ceiling or in similarly difficult-to-access places. Then it is not only safe from children, but also from any pets. As an alternative for the lower areas, Käthe Wohlfahrt offers suitable ornaments made of wood, brass or other similarly robust materials.