Our first Christmas

Käthes Original - Unser erstes Weihnachten

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Series Our first Christmas

In the series “Our first Christmas” you will experience the unique magic of the first Christmas as a family, newly married couple or with your new baby. Surrounded by an atmosphere of love and happiness, where the laughter of children and the crackling of the open fire fill the air, you will experience the festive season in a very special way.

Say hello to the cuddly teddy bear, who will make your baby's first Christmas an unforgettable experience with his warm smile and gentle hug. Next to him are the beaming groom and the enchanting bride, whose love and affection will make the festive season even more romantic and meaningful, creating an aura of harmony and togetherness.

Together as a family, you embark on a journey through the festive world of “Our First Christmas”. The newlyweds enjoy the intimacy and closeness of this special celebration, while the baby takes everyone's hearts by storm with his innocent smile and childlike wonder, spreading an atmosphere of joy and new beginnings.

Experience the festive atmosphere of “Our First Christmas” and let yourself be enchanted by the series. Every loving detail is an expression of affection and care that will enrich the festive atmosphere of your home and make your holidays unforgettable.