Colorful birds

Glasbaumbehang - Vögel Glasvögel

Series Colorful Birds

In the Poetry in Glass series “Colorful Birds” you will discover the beauty and diversity of Christmas, brought to life by the vibrant colors of feathered friends. Surrounded by an atmosphere of vibrancy and wonder, where the light of sparkling ornaments and dazzling decorations illuminates the air, you will experience the festive season in a very special way.

Say hello to the elegant brown and silver bird, whose shiny plumage and refined feathers emphasize the festive mood and exude an aura of elegance and splendour. Next to it flies the lively red, black and white bird, whose vibrant colors and dynamic pattern fill the festive season with a cheerful note of dynamism and life.

Together with the majestic red and copper bird, you will embark on a journey through the colorful world of “Colorful Birds”. The purple and gold breast birds, shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow, exude an aura of magic and brilliance that warms the heart and makes the festive season unforgettable.

Make friends with the playful blue-green-red-tailed birds, whose colorful feathers and cheerful chirping incorporate the beauty of nature into the festive decorations and create a harmonious connection between art and nature.

Experience the festive mood of “Colorful Birds” and let yourself be enchanted by the series. Each handcrafted piece is an expression of joy and joie de vivre that will enrich the festive atmosphere of your home and make your holidays unforgettable.