Christmas Bakery

Käthes Original Glas Baumschmuck Weihnachtsbäckerei

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Series "Christmas Bakery"

The magic of the festive season comes to life in the cozy atmosphere of the Christmas bakery. A tantalizing scent of cinnamon and vanilla fills the air, while the cookie tins with their colourful decorations heighten the anticipation of the coming festive season.

Step into this realm of sweet temptations and let yourself be enchanted by the romantic atmosphere: the clattering of baking trays and the gentle rustling of recipe books combine to create a symphonic melody that makes the magic of Christmas palpable. Santa Claus himself is in charge of this festive bakery and conjures up the most delicious treats for young and old with loving dedication.

Take a seat at a lovingly laid coffee table, where steaming coffee and homemade cookies are waiting for you to enjoy. The crackling of the crispy gingerbread and the gentle breaking of the cookie hearts invite you to an unforgettable taste experience that intoxicates the senses and warms the heart.

In the midst of this festive scene, the traditional Christmas stollen, whose spicy aromas intensify the anticipation of the festive season, is of course a must. Every bite is a declaration of love for tradition and the joy that comes with baking and enjoying these delicious treats.

Experience the romance of Christmas in the Christmas bakery and let yourself be enchanted by the Poetry in glass series "Christmas bakery". Each handcrafted piece is a masterpiece that captures the beauty and indulgence of the festive baking tradition and transforms your home into an oasis of sweet joy.