My Winter Garden

Baumschmuck aus Glas - Mein Garten im Winter

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Series "My Winter Garden"

In the quiet corners of our own garden hides a world full of wonder and magic - especially at Christmas time. The "My Winter Garden" series takes you into this idyllic setting, where the air is filled with fresh snow and the scent of apples and the chirping of birds breaks through the cold winter air.

Stroll through your winter garden, surrounded by frosty flowerbeds and the gentle rustling of leaves, while the blue tits buzz busily around the fat balls and the squirrels scurry curiously between the branches. The little mice venture out of their hiding places to nibble on the fallen apples, while the kingfisher circles over the frozen pond and the hedgehogs hide in their cozy nests.

In the midst of this peaceful scenery, your winter garden shines in festive splendor as a cheerful snowman greets you with a broad smile, while the birdhouse hangs from the branches and the watering can lies hidden under a blanket of snow. Every detail tells its own story: a curious snail crawls cautiously across the frozen ground, while twinkling apple lights illuminate the path and bring the magic of Christmas into your home.

Experience the romance of Christmas in your own garden and be enchanted by the "My Winter Garden" series. Each handcrafted piece is a masterpiece that captures the beauty and allure of the winter garden and transforms your home into an oasis of festive joy.

Discover the unique collection of "My Garden in Winter" today and be inspired by the romantic atmosphere of your garden. Merry Christmas from your own wintry paradise!