Animal Christmas

Käthes Original Glasbaumschmuck

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Series Animal Christmas

In the magical world of "Animal Christmas", you can experience the romance of the festive season in a very special way - surrounded by your animal friends. In the midst of a wintry backdrop, where the snow falls gently from the sky and the stars twinkle in the clear sky, you will encounter a true Christmas wonder: a colorful variety of animals that celebrate the festive season in their own unique way.

Join the playful squirrel on his search for hidden treats in the snow, while the cunning fox peeks curiously out of his hiding place and the wise owl watches over the secrets of the night. The colorful hoopoe ensures a good mood and makes hearts beat faster, while the majestic unicorn inspires the imagination with its magic and ensures unforgettable moments.

In the warm rooms of the Christmas season, you will meet loyal companions such as the cozy dachshund lolling by the fire, the gentle sheep keeping you company and the playful cat juggling with the Christmas baubles. The exotic flamingo provides a touch of wanderlust, while the cute bunny with its long ears ensures cheerfulness and happiness.

In this festive community, you will experience the magic of Christmas in a whole new way - in the midst of a harmonious blend of humans and animals that warms the heart and touches the soul. Every creature plays its part in making the festive season an unforgettable experience that will live long in the memory.

Experience the romantic atmosphere of the Poetry in glass series "Animal Christmas" and let yourself be enchanted by it. Each handcrafted piece is an expression of love and friendship that will enrich the festive atmosphere of your home and make your holidays unforgettable.