Christmas of the forest

Glas Christbaumschmuck Waldweihnachten

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Series Christmas of the Forest

Deep in the dense forests, where the pine cones are swayed by the gentle winter wind and the acorns fall softly to the forest floor, lies a world full of secrets and magic - especially at Christmas time. The "Christmas of Forest" series transports you to this fairytale setting, where the air is filled with the fresh scent of pine and the chirping of birds breaks the silence of the forest.

Stroll along the narrow paths, surrounded by moss-covered trees and the gentle fluttering of colorful spotted woodpeckers, while the robin sings its song and announces the arrival of the festive season. The fir trees tower majestically into the sky, while porcini mushrooms pop out from between the moss beds and adorn the earth with their warm glow.

In the midst of these enchanted surroundings, a festively decorated Christmas tree awaits you, its gleaming decorations made of handmade glass reflecting the warmth and security of the festive season. Each pendant tells its own story: a robin flutters through the branches, while sparkling pinecones and shiny acorns adorn the tree and the scent of pine needles fills the air.

Experience the magic of Christmas in the forest and let yourself be enchanted by the "Waldweihnacht" series. Each piece is a handcrafted masterpiece that captures the beauty and tradition of Christmas in the forest and transforms your home into an oasis of festive joy.

Discover the unique "Christmas of Forest" collection today and be inspired by the romantic atmosphere of the forest. Merry Christmas from the deep woods, where Santa Claus celebrates the festive season side by side with the forest animals!